A brief exposé of the glass artworks by Dan P

Artist Bio

His story began in the spring of 2003, lampworking borosilicate glass and making pipes. This was in the wake of "Operation Pipe Dreams" code-name for a U.S. nationwide investigation targeting businesses selling glass pipes. Nevertheless, Dan forged ahead with glass making in his hometown of Lansing, Michigan. Pushing the limits of function and style in the historical GlassPipes.org community, Dan contributed to the evolution of Glass Pipe Art during the "Golden Age" of the pipe scene before modern social media. 

Dan, for the most part is self taught and does not offer apprenticeships or teach classes. His work has been featured in several publications including High Times "Glass Artist of the Month", the Smoked Vol.2 book series and Glass Line Magazine's "Celebration of Excellence".  Currently residing in the lake effect belts of Northern Michigan, you may find him at the dunes or snowboarding fresh powder when off the torch.

Sun & Moon Dagger

This is the very first Functional Glass Art Weapon made by Dan back in 2008. It was featured in the Smoked Vol.1 gallery exhibition and Glass Line Magazine's "Celebration of Excellence" issue in 2009.

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